Donnerstag, 6. Juni 2019
Urgent Action - verhindert Abschiebungen in den Sudan, by any means necessary!
Die jüngsten Entwicklungen im Sudan sind extrem deprimierend – auf jeden Fall besteht die akute Gefahr, dass die Militärs die in den letzten Monaten erreichten Erfolge der Demokratiebewegung wieder kaputt machen könnten:

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Vor diesem Hintergrund haben uns Freund*innen, die an den Kämpfen beteiligt sind, gebeten, auf der Webseite von Afrique-Europe-Interact Protestbriefe an verschiedene Akteure zu dokumentieren (Außenminister Maas, Botschaft von Sudan etc.). Das haben wir getan und möchten euch daher bitten, möglichst zeitnah Briefe runterzuladen und diese Briefe per Fax, Mail oder Post an die entsprechenden Institutionen zu schicken (Post ist nach unser Erfahrung am wirksamsten, weil jeder mit der Post ankommende Brief eigens mit Eingangsstempel versehen und weitergeleitet werden muss - die Adressen bitte jeweils im Internet kurz raussuschen):

Danke und mit besten Grüßen,

Olaf (Afrique-Europe-Interact)


Urgent action:

Stop the Attacks on Nonviolent Protesters and Civilians in Sudan!

Respect the Will of the People for a Civilian Government!

On 3rd June 2019, the Sudanese paramilitary “Rapid Support Forces” (RSF) attacked the sit-in outside the Army Headquarter in Khartoum, where thousands of protesters have gathered peacefully since 6th April to demand a transition to civilian rule. According to international media, at least 35 were killed and many more injured on 3rd June alone. The Central Committee of Sudan Doctors

furthermore reports on 5th June of 40 bodies in addition being taken out of the Nile by the RSF and brought to an unknown location, after dumping them in the Nile during the massacre. In parallel, paramilitary attacked similar protest sights in Atbara, Damazin and ElNahud.

Since 4th June, the RSF is raging through Khartoum and other cities, doing what they did before as Janjaweed in Darfur: killing, raping, stealing, abducting and spreading terror among the civilian population. Their leader, General Mohamed Hamdan Daglo (called “Hemeti”), is the vice leader of a so-called “Transitional Military Council” – by Sudanese activists being dubbed “Coup Council” – which took over after 30 year military dictator Omar Al-Bashir, was forced out of office by massive nonviolent protest since December 2018, and so was his predecessor General Ibn Auf less than 24 h later.

With unique courage and resilience, protests and strikes still continue in many places, with the “Sudanese Professional Association” calling the population for all out strike and the blocking of all roads, and people including the hope for a civilian government, freedom and peace in their Eid prayers. The protests had started in December 2018 in Atbara and Port Sudan, spread quickly all over the country, and culminated in Sit-Ins in front of Military Headquarters in many cities from 6th April onwards, as well as a general strike on 29th-30th May 2019, after a massacre in Khartoum on 13th May and a breakdown of transition negotiations.

While internet is being cut off in Sudan to stop the world from knowing what is going on, the international community is hardly responding: China and Russia are blocking even a statement of the UN Security Council, and Saudi-Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates are actively supporting the “Coup Council” and/or the RSF militia, while Russia signed a military deal with the Sudanese military for a 10 year cooperation.

The international community needs to act swiftly and sensitively, to help avoid a further spiral into violence and ensure that the rightful will of the Sudanese people for a civilian government is respected.

Take action now:

Email, fax or call the Sudanese Embassy today, condemning the attacks on nonviolent protesters and demanding that the “Transitional Military Council” withdraws all troops and militia forces from the Khartoum sit-in and other protest sites, as well as hospitals, residential areas and civilian spaces.

Contact the foreign ministry of your government and your local member of parliament. Urge them to issue a statement condemning attacks on protesters and stating that they will hold Generals Burhan and Daglo of the “Transitional Military Council” (TMC) responsible for deaths and injuries to civilians. Call on your government to stop all forms of cooperation with the “TMC” until those responsible for killing and injuring protesters are brought to justice. Call them to use all diplomatic means, to urge Saudi-Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Russia and China to stop supporting the “TMC” and respect the will of the Sudanese people.

Circulate this appeal to your friends, trade union branch or campaign group

Read and share background information about the situation in Sudan and post messages of solidarity with the Sudanese protesters in social media.


Statement from the Foreign Relations Committee of the Sudanese Professionals Association, 3.6.19:

In the early hours of today, Rapid Support Forces backed by security forces and Police stormed the sit-in area in front of the headquarters of the Sudanese army in the capital Khartoum. Fire bullets were used excessively and injured several unarmed citizens; uncounted numbers of them are dead. The raiding forces burned the tents in the sit-in area and used excessive physical force against the protestors. The raid and attacks against civilians are still ongoing in an attempt to break and disperse the peaceful sit-in

We consider this violation a criminal offence against the Sudanese people, and a total reversion to the old regime’s tactics and policies.

The Sudanese revolution will continue and shall prevail.

The Foreign Relations Committee, Sudanese Professionals Association

For further information visit: for up to date information and witness reports from the ground , who also issued a call for action and states:

“Solidarity is crucial – what you do in the next few hours will make a difference.“

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